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  Electronic Attitude Indicator      
Protect yourself from Gyro failure.  

Vacuum pump failure during Instrument flight is often subtle which is why it is so dangerous.  Before failure is detected your attitude indicator will typically provide you with plenty of misleading information of your current attitude easing you into a serious and or fatal situation with spatial disorientation.  Back up gyros are great but sometimes when the high work load of IFR flight you still might not notice a failure right away.  Simulating a vacuum pump failure where you have a sticker over your attitude indicator is nice also, but lacks the element of surprise, just ask someone who has actually gone through a real failure in IFR flight just how difficult it can be!

Now with Automatic Alert

True Flight’s Electronic Attitude Indicator from PC Flight systems automatically monitors your pitch and roll. If you exceed certain parameters that would not be expected in IFR flight you automatically receive an alert on your display with the EAI in the corner of your screen.  This instant notification provides you with plenty of time to recover, before it develops into a serious situation.

The Electronic Attitude Indicator is a solid state device that uses accelerometers on 3 separate axis to measure pitch, roll and yaw. Power and data are through the USB cable shown above. Although for supplemental use only, the electronic attitude indicator adds an invaluable layer of safety should your primary attitude indicator fail.

  attitude indicator
Weight 6 oz.
Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 1". 
Max angular rate: 200 degrees per second. 
Data output: frame rate is approximately 10 frames/sec. 
Roll / Pitch Accuracy: Standard +/- 5 degrees.