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  Cheetah Flight Pad Quick Start Page  
  1. Ready to Go  
  Your Cheetah Flight Pad comes complete with all the software necessary preinstalled and is ready to use out-of-the-box. You will find your Velcro at the very bottom of the tablet box under the display!  

2. Instructional information.

  View Cheetah Flight Pad Quick Start Video (This video gives you a brief overview of how to use the software in flight).  
  Cheetah Flight Pad manual  Download here.  
  More in depth instructional videos here. (depending on your Internet connection you may need to let it download several minutes to view all sections)  
3. If you have the Stratux ADS-B receiver. (see attached video)
  ADS B users please carefully read all the information in section 3 below  
  When you are on the ground you most likely will not receive ADS-B weather as it is tower based. Once you are in flight after a few minutes the weather will start to come in. All you need to do is press the enter key to scroll through the different weather layers. To view the traffic please review section 25 in the video manual to see how you can customize your view of the traffic.  
  If your ADS-B has connected to the tablet successfully on TrueMap software on the main screen next to the GPS indicator you will see ADS-B in green. There are two screw in tube like antennas, when looking down at the top of box make sure the antenna says 1090 is on the upper left side and the other one that says 978 is on the lower left.  

stratux asdb

One thing to be aware of when using the Stratux ADS-B receiver you are connecting via a Wi-Fi connection to your tablet.  If the ADS-B indicator is in red there are two things you want to make sure are done so it will connect normally. The first is you want to make sure you don’t have any other simultaneous Wi-Fi connections. This normally wouldn’t  be an issue in the aircraft but if you are testing it at home you probably are connected to other Wi-Fi sources.  Simply select the Wi-Fi icon and select the disconnect option for any other Wi-Fi source other than the flight box Wi-Fi connection.

The second thing you want to do is disable the Windows firewall as that tends to block your Wi-Fi connection to the ADS-B receiver just select the start button and then control panel and firewall. Just select disable firewall (if you are going to be using the tablet a lot to go online for other uses you will want to turn them back on at that time).

Sometimes after you have disabled the firewall and then go up flying on a different day the firewall will turn itself  back on, so recheck when you are in the aircraft before you start your flight!

4. Automatic Update and Chart Password  

For automatic database and chart updates your username and password have already been saved on the tablet. You should never be required to reenter this information when you perform your automatic updates (for the record though your username is your last name (first letter capitalized everything else lowercase) and password is 1234. The quick start video above shows how it works.

  5. Windows Password  

There may be a time when you want to make major changes to your Windows operating system and it may ask you for a username or password. If so, your username is cheetahgps and password cheetah (everything lowercase).

  6. Power charger connection  

The power charger connection is a micro USB connector. Look carefully at it when you plug it in, it only plugs in one way. If you rotate it 180° the wrong way you can break or bend the tab inside the tablet!

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