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  Approach Overlay
  The only portable GPS that will let you fly your Approach in track up mode  

The Flight Cheetah is the only portable display that will show you your actual approach in easy-to-use track up mode and immediately alert you if you deviate from the proper altitude. Although for supplemental use only, it provides a critical second set of eyes while flying on your primary instruments. It can also be invaluable if you lose your primary instruments and/or have a total electrical failure. Because the Flight Cheetah can run on battery power you will still have a system that is completely independent of anything else in the aircraft.


True Flight's approach overlay allows you to seamlessly transition from enroute flight to any approach you select, with WAAS enabled accuracy. Just select the airport, runway, approach and your IAF. You can simultaneously view your position in relation to all segments of your approach, as well as surrounding weather, tower obstacles and terrain.  
Approach Altitude Alert.  
  The Flight Cheetah overlays not only your current approach but provides you with the minimum altitude of each segment of your approach. TrueMap including an automatic altitude alert that notifies you if you drop below minimum altitude in a given segment. You can also set the altitude alert function for any phase of flight. Color coded arrows denote the direction and extent of altitude change require.   approach overlay  
  Highway In The Sky.  
  Not only does the Flight Cheetah allow you to view your progress on the live approach in 2-D but you can also simultaneously see the 3-D view of your approach as well. The highway in the sky feature allows you to fly through the virtual boxes right down to the runway threshold. True Flight’s exclusive eagle eye feature allows you to see whether you are drifting to the left or to the right of the runway threshold even when 10 miles out on approach.

Once you fly over the end of the runway the Flight Cheetah automatically displays you entire missed approach segment including altitudes and holding pattern. Displayed curved paths such as DME Arcs make transitions easy when you work load is high.

Although all the Navigational information is displayed directly on your you main screen in track up mode for easy interpretation you can also quickly access the approach chart as well as double its size for quick reading in turbulence. The Flight Cheetah also saves your spot on the chart for easy reference when toggling back and forth.

  ifr synthetic vision