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  VFR & IFR Enroute Charts  
VFR Maps...  

The Flight Cheetah has instant access to nearly 350 charts. For VFR charting you can see your current position on any sectional chart in the contiguous 48 states. For additional detail around class B airspace you can also view your position on any VFR Terminal Arrival Chart.

The Flight Cheetah automatically selects the chart that you are flying on and shows your current aircraft position. You can also pan across the chart in any direction to view what is ahead of you. For trips to the Caribbean, where sectionals do not provide complete coverage we have added WAC charts to give you full coverage for your flight.



Your current position on a Sectional Chart gives you important information that you will not get on a standard GPS Moving Map such as:  

Reporting Points / Airspaces such as wild life preserves and national parks that prohibit flight below certain altitudes / VFR Flyways / High Traffic Areas / Military Training routes / Congested Areas / Parachute jumping areas or other areas of unusual activity.  

IFR Maps...  

No more struggling while flying IFR trying to find what the controller is talking about while looking at your chart. You can instantly access all your Low and High Altitude enroute IFR charts and see your current position on the map.

You can also pan in any direction on the chart to easily see additional detail. With two simple key presses the Flight Cheetah automatically presents you with all the charts that you are currently flying over, saving you the effort of searching for a particular chart.  In addition you can also enlarge or decrease the size of the chart.

  aviation gps moving map  
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