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  Database Updates  
  You now have the option to have your updates mailed to you on a thumb drive for easy install!    
  Package 1    
Software Feature Upgrades Navaid Updates Approach Overlay Approach Charts   Taxi Diagrams  
tower alert gps moving map airways avaition approach Approach plate gps moving taxi way charts ...............................................
True link Weather Service  
NexRad Ceilings & Visibilities Airport Wind & Direction Fog Alert   Textual Metars  
xm weather Nexrad xm data link weather  xm data link winds xm data link weather fog alert   text metar  
  1.  Support: Free customer support 7 days a week.      
  2.  Software Feature Upgrades: Free, regular software updates that add new features, on any new function that is not sold as an option.  
3.  Navaid Updates: (56 day cycle) Moving Map database updates of airspace, navaids, obstacles and frequency changes.
  4.  Approach Overlay:  All of approach overlay information is provided including all segments of the approach, altitudes, holding pattern's, DME ARCs,  and missed approach procedures.  
5.  Digital Approach Charts: (28 day cycle) NOS Approach Plates.  Allows you to meets FAA EFB Requirements for Part 91 for charts.
  6.  NOS Departures, Arrivals and Geo Located Taxi Diagrams.  
  Package 2  
Sectional Enroute Fastest Flight Level Auto Calculator
sectional chart ifr vfr charts aviation fastest flight level   ..................................................................
  • Everything Included in Package 1.
  • Software update for ADS-B interface
  • NOS Enroute, Sectional & Terminal Charts. With nearly 350 charts you can view your current position as well as scroll on any NOS chart.
  • XM Weather Rental:  Why pay for XM weather when you really only need it for a few weeks a year? With our service you can rent a fully activated Wxworx receiver with the Aviator service for only $35 a week plus shipping. This can significantly cut your annual xm bill.
  • Fastest Flight Level Fuel savings Auto Calculator: This uses the Rapid Update Cycle Winds data, the most accurate winds aloft data to show you the the fastest and most fuel efficient flight level. For pilots spending the extra $240 annually to access this winds data through XM the savings can be substantial with this service.
  • True Link Live Weather Service: True Link provides Live NexRad and graphical and textual metars directly on your Flight Cheetah display anywhere you have a wi fi connection or Smart phone w/ tethering capabilities. Will run on the Flight Cheetah with Wi fi capabilities
  Cut your fuel consumption on every Flight    
  Fastest flight level search has the ability to take the most advanced winds aloft data available today and automatically computes your fastest as well as most fuel efficient flight level in real time based on the performance figures of your actual aircraft. This can save significant time, fuel and money. This winds aloft data uses the highly accurate Rapid Update Cycle data, not to be confused with the twice a day winds aloft information you get for your pre flight weather briefing.

If you estimate the total money spent on fuel costs per year you should be able to conservatively reduce your costs by between $300- $1,300 per hundred hours of flying for the typical single or twin engine aircraft.