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winds aloft - save aviation fuel
  Fastest Flight Level Search  
  Cut Your Fuel Consumption on Every Flight!  
  fastest flight level search  

Fastest flight level search has the ability to take the most advanced winds aloft data available today from XM weather and it automatically computes your fastest as well as most fuel efficient flight level in real time based on the performance figures of your actual aircraft. This can save significant time, fuel and money. This winds aloft data uses the Rapid Update Cycle data, not to be confused with the twice a day winds aloft information you get for your preflight weather briefing. The Rapid Update Cycle is updated every hour, and incorporates information such as the direction and velocity of winds collected from NexRad stations. Used in combination with the Cheapest fuel price search savings can be significant.

Although virtually every XM weather provider displays the raw winds aloft data none of them actually compute the data for you. A typical flight would require you to compute some 50 separate points containing wind speed and direction for the performance summers of your plane. We’ve always found his puzzling as since the beginning of data link weather we found the cost and time saving benefits from the winds aloft data as exciting as the weather information.


What True Flight does that is unique is that we take the different wind speeds and directions over your route and combining them with the performance figures of your aircraft, including fuel burn to climb to a particular flight level, fuel consumption in cruise and your changing true airspeed to calculate the following:

  • The most fuel-efficient light level.
  • The fastest flight level.
  • The difference in fuel efficiency and time to destination compared to your present flight level.
  save aviation fuel

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