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  Cheetah Flight Pad

1.   Pinch and Zoom Charting.
2.   All VFR & IFR Charting.
3.   Automatic Chart & Data Updates.
4.   US Approaches with Altitude Alerts.
5.   Highway in The Sky as well as Simultaneous 2D view.
6.   WAAS Bluetooth GPS Antenna.
7.   Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth connectivity.
8.   ADS B softwareto interface with ADS B Receiver. 
9.   Windows 10 Tablet
10.  8" Daigonal Ultra Bright HD Screen.
11.  Intel quad core with Burst Technology up to 1.84GHz.
12.  2 Gb Ram.
13.  32 GB Solid State Hard Drive.

Once you look past the basics there are 7 substantial advantages with the Cheetah Flight Pad that just are not available on any iPad app
  cheetah flight pad & adsb
  1st Advantage.  Approach Overlay
  The safest way to fly an approach also happens to be the easiest
  You’ll notice the iPad apps display your approaches on a standard approach chart. Makes sense, right? Well, actually no, there are a number of problems flying this way.

How accurate do you think it would be if you took  a paper chart which is roughly 8 inches tall and stretched it out to simulate 10 or more miles of an actual approach?  Well that's exactly what is done with all the iPad app's approach overlays.  When you magnify a chart over a 80,000 times (which you literally are) you can throw accuracy out the window. With the Cheetah Flight Pad you have the accuracy of approach segments with 2 feet. And with the easy heading information intuitively displayed on the screen correcting for 1 to 3° heading corrections is very easy and far superior to the iPad way of displaying track and the magnetic heading which make it unusable except for only the most crude of corrections.

Secondly, because of the north up requirement you could be flying sideways backwards or upside down on the screen. On one segment you may be flying 8 o’clock on the screen one second and then turn and be flying 3 o'clock the next minute, which is kludgy at best. With the Cheetah Flight Pad the approaches are track up (Like what you would see out the window) nothing could be simpler, safer and have a lower work load.
  Lastly, whether it's a busted altitude or an approach accident getting the altitude wrong is the one thing they both have in common. With the iPad apps you can of course read the altitudes on the approach chart but sometime when the workload is high mistakes get made. The Cheetah Flight Pad takes it one step further to make sure this does not happen. Not only does it store the altitudes of all the approaches but it monitors your altitude and immediately alerts you if you deviate too low thus breaking the chain of events that lead to accidents.   
  2nd Advantage.  True Highway in the Sky
  The only Portable Tablet with Full Virtual 3-D Navigation
  There are some iPad apps that show graphics of 3-D terrain, none of them though can give you the most important benefit, the ability to fly actual Highway in the Sky approaches. 

This is because True Flight is the only company that processes all approach overlay altitude data into vector form so you can fly the actual  Highway In The Sky approaches right down to the threshold.  With Highway In The Sky you can fly a live approach on all segments with waypoint accuracy down to 2 feet something you could never dream of doing with an iPad app. That's why we say we don't line you up to the runway we line you up with the centerline of the runway.
3rd Advantage. Track Up  
  "The Easiest Way to Fly"
  The iPad can only show your navigational information North up, this means that your direction of flight on the screen will nearly always be either sideways, backwards or upside down. Not very intuitive. Some companies have tried to compensate for this by rotating the chart sideways, backwards or upside down so the aircraft is facing forward even less intuitive!

The Cheetah Flight Pad automatically displays the navigational information track up so at a glance you get the information you need. What you see on the screen is what you see out the window period.  The green extension line shows your track relative to your course heading so you can instantly see what your course correction is without a lot of wasted heads down time.

On the typical iPad app it lists both your course heading and track but for the proper course correction you still need to constantly be subtracting one number from the second then decide whether that course correction is a turn to the left or right. Not a very efficient use of your time when you should be looking out the window and listening to the radio.
  4th Advantage. No Clutter    
  There is never room in the cockpit for this !
  You’ll notice the typical iPad app in 2-D mode limits you to chart backgrounds only. This has two big disadvantages, the first is charts are inherently low contrast and the second is they can be quite cluttered. Sometimes you don’t want to see everything all at once! Finding out what you are looking for can be needlessly time-consuming.

Although the Cheetah Flight Pad does provide all US aviation charting it doesn’t limit you to that. You have an extensive choice of background screens that allow you a very de-cluttered and high contrast view of only what you want to see
  5th Advantage.  Fastest and most fuel Efficient Flight Levels

" Fastest flight level--I just can't say enough good things about it.  As usual, I got my pre-flight winds from NOAA/ADDs, but twice yesterday the Fastest Flight Level recommended an altitude at variance with the NOAA forecast, and not at all logical.  So I went there, and picked up 10 or 12 kts!  That paid for XM this month".  Great stuff, ......thanks, best, Peter Eden

  Why spend more money wasting fuel so you can fly slower?  
  Yet, that’s what many of us do.  There are some other apps out there that do this but unfortunately the winds aloft data they use is based on the standard government winds aloft data which is not very accurate. True Flight uses NCAR rapid update cycle winds aloft which represent the most accurate winds aloft data available. we then process it on our server so you can access it via wi fi connection.  
  6th Advantage.  Virtual House Doctor Support
  “All the technology in the world is of no use if it’s not easy to use”
  True Flight was the first GPS moving map company to provide extensive instructional videos to clearly show how the features work. To add to that True Flight has now added Virtual House Doctor. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can launch the Virtual House Doctor app and invite us to view your tablet in real time, while simultaneously talking with us on our 800 line. We can show you and or answer your questions the same as if we were standing right next to you!

We are also, still the only company that provides after hours and weekend phone support.
  7th Advantage.  Satellite Imagery
  What would you do if you lost your engine in IFR or at night?

Having been through the latter I can tell you the jokes about turning on your landing light lose something in the translation. With satellite imagery you can see where the fields trees and buildings are when you have time and altitude to do something about it. 

Although some iPad apps will show you satellite imagery of the field at the airport the Cheetah Flight Pad is the only tablet that shows you satellite imagery for the entire 48 contiguous United States. You can overlay this as simple background map as one of your many customizable options, you can even overlay navaids, airspace and/or live weather on top.
  ariel images 
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