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WAAS GPS l Approach Overlay l Synthetic Vision l Digital Charts l Satellite Imagery l Terrain l Instructional Videos l
Data Link Weather l Artificial  Horizon l Traffic Alert l Fastest Flight Level l Database Packages l TrueWinds l

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  ADS-B Compatible  

All True Flight products are available in modules, which means you only buy what you really need. When you upgrade, there is no reason to replace expensive hardware, rather, you just add on another module. All of these options run the same software and provide all of the capabilities listed in the links across the top of our website.

TrueMap Software   Price $195.00 

Best Package

true flight flight cheetah
  • If you already own a Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablet.
  • Would like to start off with the software and then trade up to a Flight Cheetah display at a later date and automatically receive a $295.00 discount on any display .



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Cheetah Flight Pad     Price $295.00   
  Best Package  
  • Prefer the mini iPad style form factor, but are looking for more functionality.

  • Need a large bright crisp screen.

  • Need a display for non aviation uses as well.

  • Need Wifi capabilities.


  Cheetah Flight Pad  
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Flight Cheetah FL650   Price 1,995.00  
Best Package    
  • If you want the brightest screen available (1,200 nits  four times brighter than a standard laptop).

  • Touch screen button controls.

  • Want both portable and panel mount options for certified aircraft


Flight Cheetah FL 650  
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