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  Satellite Imagery      
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Satellite Imagery  

Ever wonder what the actual terrain is below you during instrument conditions or at night? With the Flight Cheetah you can also display the optional high resolution satellite imagery with a highly detailed view of the terrain below you. Satellite imagery provides the ultimate in situational awareness, giving you a clear picture of the entire United States, even showing detail down to the level of airport taxiways. With satellite imagery you always know what is below you. You can clearly see buildings, trees and open fields. 


Should an emergency arise at night or during IFR flight and you are unable to make it to an airport you will be able to spot the most appropriate areas for an emergency landing.

The satellite imagery displays 15 meter resolution providing a highly detailed view of the terrain below you. You can also select customized overlays of navigational data such as airspace, or live XM weather to view in direct relation to the terrain.

The second stage of satellite imagery will feature higher-resolution aerial imagery for some parts of the country.