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  Synthetic Vision      
Highway in the Sky  

The Flight Cheetah through the use of Synthetic Vision Technology will display an accurate, real-time 3D depiction of the terrain and obstacles around your aircraft’s current position. Often referred to as the Highway in the Sky (HITS), with this 3D view you can easily see and fly an approach, as if you were looking out the window on a sunny day. Although for supplemental use only, it provides a significant leap in safety for night time and single pilot IFR operations. You can see your approach segments, arcs and holding patterns with altitudes.

  synthetic vision  

Exclusive Eagle Eye Feature


The Eagle Eye Feature allows you to zoom ahead and get a close up view of the runway when you are still many miles away so you can see whether you are lined up perfectly for your approach. This picture is from 12 miles off the  approach end of the runway.

  ifr approach overlay  
  ifr approach