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Automatic Terrain Alert  

Controlled flight into terrain has always been a major cause of accidents since the beginning of flight with nearly 40% of all accidents involving controlled flight into terrain. The Flight Cheetah automatically monitors your altitude in relation to terrain elevation and triggers an immediate alert when you are within 8 minutes and 500 ft. of any terrain conflict.

The Flight Cheetah provides a worldwide terrain database displaying the terrain contours color-coded in red, yellow and green depending how close they are an altitude to your aircraft. You can also display a background map with the same colors as you would see on your sectional chart.

  terrain alert  
Automatic Obstacle Alert  

There are nearly 100,000 towers and tall obstacles in the US alone. Spotting, and reading the obstacle heights is often difficult on a cluttered chart especially when the workload is high. The Flight Cheetah constantly monitors its extensive database for obstacles. Any obstacle within 8 minutes and 500 feet of your altitude automatically triggers an alert symbol as well as displaying in red the obstacles on your moving map in relation to your aircraft.

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