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"I had a new Garmin radio stack (530,430,etc.) along with your True_Flight FL  system installed in a Cheyenne II.  I wanted the system to display XM weather and the Electronic Attitude Indicator.  It only took one flight to appreciate the many other advantages of the True_Flight system (WAAS GPS, TrueMap, Digital Charts, Approach Overlay and Terrain Alert).  I now use the $25,000 Garmin / TWAS to steer the autopilot, and the Garmin 430 is just along for the ride.  Your engineers and programmers got this project right."

-Hugh Brielmaier ATP/CFII

  true flight

Flew 5 and a half hours IFR yesterday, much of IMC, and I can't tell you how much easier single-pilot operation is with that box.  The wind information is incredibly useful picking optimum altitudes, and the ease with which I can pick a route through the terrain  when the visibility is lousy--awesome stuff.

I have spent probably half a million dollars on my airplane over the last 37 years, and the best return on investment of any of it is the FL 190---what a kick!   

- Peter Bernardin

I have spent probably half a million dollars on my airplane over the last 37 years, and the best return on investment of any of it is the FL 190---what a kick!    Best, Pete Bernardin


"My mechanic & friend Bill, has over 6,000 hrs in everything from a duke to Malibu jet prop.  It was Nasty here yesterday from San Diego to Vegas at 2:00 in the afternoon His exact words were, "How come Garmin cannot make something like this".  He feels the money, I spent was well worth it in lieu of $25,000 we were going to spend. And we have chart info, taxi, and so much more."

-Mark R. Norton

  "The visibility I had with True Flight’s Highway in the Sky was nearly exactly as you picture it on the “hits” page.  

While flying from Salem, Oregon to Richland Washington on my first long trip after getting my pilots certificate, I had the choice of taking the North or South side of Mt. Hood.  At 11,249 Feet it is the fourth highest in the Cascade Range. Normally, should be able to see it easily from 10-20 miles away in VFR conditions, I mean it is not a needle in a haystack.  Yet that is exactly what happened due to the haze and smoke from many fires etc we have had here in the Northwest.

True Flight’s Highway in the Sky gave me the visibility and the information needed to avoid flying into the mountain.  I cannot tell you how valuable of a tool it was to have on that day. It was a safe trip.

I knew I made the right decision in purchasing your product over many others for my Cessna 150 when I saw my boss had one in his King Air."

-Darryl Howard

Gratzi !

All is great Robert, hope this note finds you well. Using the Cheetah all the time, came in very handy this summer with a Cross Country from L.A. area to Houston. I had just updated my panel with 2...count em...2 (other company) , a NAV, coupled to a new (other company) PFD, and when they failed, I had the Cheetah! Problems are now resolved, but don't know how hard it would have been navigating without the Cheetah! Great Product, and Kudo's on the ZAON! I would never, never fly without it. Best problem solver for any pilot in the air! CHEETAH WASS RULES!

Thanx again,


  By the way, the product is absolutely superb! I’ve looked at your product for almost 2 years on the web, but with so many claims to “sunlight readable” I didn’t realize how different you really were.  I’ve owned both a Panasonic Toughbook CF18 (the Jeppesen recommended hardware) and a Motion LS800, and your equipment combination is light years ahead in terms of sunlight view ability.  The software is excellent as well.  I definitely waited too long to buy this product.

-Gary Strong

"After extensively reviewing the market in portable GPS with weather I decided on the Flight Cheetah 210 and after about 35 hours flying with it I absolutely love it. Here are my impressions, for what they're worth:

The display screen is very large. This was one of the first big selling points for me over both the pda-based systems and the Garmin 296/396, all of which I found PATHETICALLY small once I saw this screen in comparison. The colors are incredibly rich and vibrant.  The screen is very bright and easy to see from all angles, even in glary direct sunlight. You can customize it to show almost unlimited different maps and combinations of maps with overlays, including the basics like airways and navaids, to state borders to highways with easily customized decluttering filters depending on range. I find it much more intuitive to set up and use than the Garmin portables.

It has an attitude indicator (not the synthetic one that Garmin uses but an honest to God AI that can be superimposed on the screen). It has all approaches from the IAF thru the missed approach and auto sequences thru them, unlike the Garmin which only shows the approach starting at the FAF.

Anyway, I'm extremely satisfied with this product and now that I have it I can't imagine being without it. It's pricier than many of the other systems, but when you compare capabilities you do get what you pay for. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, and no, you can't borrow mine..."
-Jamie MacDougall

  "I love my Flight Cheetah! My oldest daughter (the F15E pilot) was in town this past weekend and I showed it to her. She was impressed, wished she had all that capability in her $60 million 15E!"
-Bill Nettleblad

"Best little box around. Way better than the GARMIN!”

-Bill Davidson


As you instructed, I downloaded the sectionals and uploaded it to my unit...and i love it! it's a-freakin'-mazing! other than the fact it's not "certified for IFR use" it's way more useful than my new garmin 430W. can't wait to fly with the new sectionals in a couple days. always hate pulling out my big spiral bound charts from Air Charts and now i shouldn't have to.

"I love my FL 190! It's truly amazing! I took it out yesterday for the first time since the permanent install. Everything worked smoothly.  Got strong WAAS and pretty xm signal also.  The approach overlay worked perfectly. Shot my first GPS approach ever and it was right on the money. The twrs to the left of the approach were right were the image said they were! Awesome."

-Darwin Clark


  "I love my Cheetah 190, its very easy for me to see the large bright screen. I am also very happy about the sectionals coming available soon and looking forward to the update. Again thanks for that Email, A fellow pilot named Todd who owns your “Cheetah 210” referred your product to me on Internet Pilot Forum and I agree with Todd , you have a great GPS. and I am very happy with mine.

I really like the fact that it is upgradeable and expandable., large bright clear screen, user friendly, and the power cord connector are worry free."

-Randall Courtney/Cessna Pilot

Anyway I had a flight Saturday in which I got a full use of the traffic, and it was amazing.  There are planes out there I didn’t know was there. It was almost overwhelming until I got use to the screen pictorial and the actual distance to the real thing. Also the TrueMap software was very easy to manipulate…  The XM weather was cool it was showing the broken clouds and winds that where actually out there. Thanks, this was very cool…"

-Todd Covey


EXCELLENT.  The public should know the TRUTH!  Great comparison.  FlightCheetah is a bargain.  I’m glad you brought up the fact that True Flight was FIRST with many of the features others (including Garmin) are trying to copy.
Thanks to all your staff for a terrific product. 

I got the latest Sectional and Terminal charts installed on my FlightCheetah using the manual installation which you suggested and wanted to tell you how fantastic this addition is to aviation safety. While flying from NC to CO yesterday, I was in constant IMC over western NC and TN. The temperature was 1 C and falling and icing was reported. Having the Sectional charts to view, which gives incredible detail, added to my comfort level immensely. I have also been using the HITS when shooting IFR approaches for additional situational awareness and using it in VFR for altitude awareness as well. I want to commend you at Aviation Safety for your innovative and practical ways you make flying more safe every day.

-David Lennon


"The Flight Cheetah screen is sensational. You can see it even in the brightest cockpit conditions. And My wife calls the Flight Cheetah, “the best $6,000 toy she ever bought me." Like every really good toy, and Flight Cheetah puts a smile on your face.

I recently installed a 430 so I can do GPS approaches in actual. There's no comparison. The Cheetah is so much better in just about every way. I sure wish you could IFR certify it."

-Dick Summer


I enjoyed the comparison of the new Garmin product to our flight cheetah.  All of the new features of the Garmin are what we have been enjoying for years.  There is something to be said for a product that is software upgradeable vs hardware upgradeable.  
Thanks again.

-Jay Jarvis


I may be wrong but I do not see the 696 biting into your market share due to acquisition cost, arrogant attitude on Garmins part and mainly subscription costs.
95% of homebuilders are low time VFR pilots who can barely afford to fly. They most certainly cannot afford a 696 subscription service.

-Milton Concannon


I really don’t understand all the aviation media hype about the new Garmin 696. My Q1 Samsung with True Flight Software & XM Weather has been doing everything relevant that the Garmin does plus more for a much more reasonable price for the past two years. I have IFR certified King and Garmin GPS equipment in my Mooney beside the True Flight Cheetah however the Cheetah is the star of our avionics.

Apparently with their massive advertising campaigns, Garmin has been able to sell a lesser product for more money, but for those in the know, True Flight is the way to go. I don’t leave the ground with out it!
Keep up the good work.
-Allen Osborne

  I like at lot of things on my FL190 even better then my expensive garmin panel.      
  -Mike Lint      
  I recently replaced a KX-155 nav/com radio and a bendix king kln-89b gps with a garmin 430w.  i made the decision to not add traffic, and not add weather to the garmin 430w.  my reasoning was simple.

the rendition that is available thru the true flight software and the samsung tablet pc is, in my opinion, far superior to what would be available on the 430.

-Buddy Spiegel
  After having the opportunity to use my Flight Cheetah for a few months, I must admit it is simply a “must have” item in the cockpit. I originally bought the device to have WX onboard but have gained so much more. The ability to bring up low altitude enroute and verify my position on the airway is really great. The amount of info. available at your fingertips is incredible!
The FL190 fits perfectly on the Piper yoke and was easy to install. I have enclosed pics for your review.

Blue Skies,

-Andrew Elwood

I am very happy with my Flight Cheetah, as a matter of fact I now own two of them! First, I would like to say that I am a bit of a nut on portable units and I have bought and tried almost every one imaginable, including the small I-paq types. I also have software from all of the avionics vendors and the Samsung unit is clearly superior to any of the other units I own, including the much touted Garmin 496. I have mine mounted on the yoke of my Piper Lance with a mount from an older Garmin unit and I believe that it is the best place for the pilots view, The unit will work in portrait or landscape mode so depending on your yoke, you have a choice. The unit is fairly bright at 300 nits so it has good readability

The Truemap software is heads and shoulders over everything I own and it is very pilot friendly. The XM weather overlay is excellent and the most reason that I like the unit. The down-loadable data base works as advertised and you are not tied  to an over priced subscription from others. The unit is very powerful and runs about every software including Trueflight's offerings. I have Streets & Trips loaded on mine and it beats the hell out of the Tom Tom devices!  I regularly fly to the Bahamas and the hotel I stay in has Wi-Fi and I can stay in touch with the world. Try that with a G-496! It is so accurate that I have a panel mounted Garmin GPS so that I can file /G and it is there only for the ride.  I just wish it could drive the autopilot and I would lighten up my panel instantly.
Good luck,
-Joseph Crognale


My name is Glenn Swiatek and I received your FL190 a couple of weeks ago. The reason I purchased your little gem of a device is I'm getting checked out in a Mooney at the local flying club. I expect to take a couple trips this summer.  Earlier this morning I went up with my instructor. I went under the hood to Salinas, did the published missed, a holding pattern offshore. I did ok with the Garmin 530 for all that.

My instructor then loaded the next approach into Watsonville a few miles away. I think he did that so I would not get too confident about my ability on the 530, Task Accomplished!  It's remarkable how easy you folks have configured the task for pilots to get an approach shown on the display.
Thanks And Keep Up The Great Work,
 -Glenn Swiatek

  I've been flying a long time, Rob--my last 22 working years as a production test pilot for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. I've flown just about every jet transport Douglas ever built, and even with all their sophisticated displays and avionics, I've never seen any single piece of equipment that produces the level of useful information we can get from the FL190.
I love is being able to do everything at home. With all the information available in the memory, it can be a challenge to learn how to quickly access just the stuff you need. I have practiced that, in the peace and quiet of my family room, and it has really paid off-I almost never have a senior-moment or go after the wrong sequence any more. Actually, a lot of credit goes to the software, and to the clever ways you've designed access.

Anyway, you have got it right, and you and your team deserve a whole lot of credit; it has changed the way we
Flying an approach to minimums is a pretty rare event for me, and 2 of them in 45 minimums is rarer still. Even with the autopilot coupled to the localizer, the moments just before breaking out can be pretty tense. Your FL190 adds a whole new level of confidence that the approach is going well, even before the ground comes into view. The last 30 seconds or so, when the runway comes sliding down and fills the display, when we pop out of the cloud and the runway is right there--straight ahead and just over the nose--that produces an adrenalin-rush like no other.

Acknowledging that it is advisory only, it sure provides nice advice. Best Regards
-Peter Bernardin.

Thanks again for your prompt response.  The reason for my message is to compliment your new presentation of the capabilities of your machine.  I was impressed with the first video story, but this is far more effective and compelling.  It's easy to follow, and I believe will sell many units for you.

As an older and inactive pilot, I spend some time flying on my computer.  Getting a chance to explore the technology that your company presents is exciting even if I'm not a great candidate for a purchase.

Keep up the good work.  Your efforts improve efficiency, improve safety, and make the process more open to more candidates.

-Scott McDonald

   I try to let all my friends know that the True Flight setup is the best bang for the buck...and it is...
Thanks again
-Todd Covey
  Thanks for answering all my questions. Sorry there have been so many.
Hey...I just wanted to pass along my comments after my flight on Friday.
I flew the unit about 600 long, bouncy helicopter miles, round trip over 12 hours and dodged some weather along the way...flying 300 miles of this at night, low level in antenna infested country...some un-lit.
I was extremely pleased with your unit, its performance, user-friendliness and accuracy.
Superb job developing this...and thanks for hustling to get mine configured and out the door in time for my shakedown flight.
Thanks again!
   "I have 300 hours of flying time using the Flight Cheetah system. This is the most advanced instrument available to general aviation. This instrument has taken my flying to a new level. The GPS moving map, enhanced mapping, tower alerts, altitude alert, airport information, electronic attitude, approach overlays and data link weather are rolled up into one instrument and is unsurpassed by any competitor. Every serious pilot should have data link weather. The winds aloft feature allows me to evaluate the best altitude while enroute. Support from the True Map staff is phenomenal. Anyone doing cross-country flying should have this instrument".
- Bob Hodgson    

"I just downloaded the latest version of  your moving map software.  The improvements are fabulous.  Allowing the map to take up the full screen improves situational awareness, and reduces clutter at the wider scales.  All the numbers that you need are still on the screen and large enough to read easily.
However, the new moving map feature on an airport diagram is the big winner.  I flew up to Santa Barbara yesterday.  Runway 15L, and a number of intersections were closed intermittently.  Coming out of the ramp at Mercury, it was easy to see what ground control had in mind when they advised me to stay on the ramp to Kilo, and then use Bravo until a hold before crossing Runway 25 to 15R.   Taxi-ing out while following the bright purple airplane moving on the airport diagram on the  Cheetah screen was like having my own personal progressive.   I'm  unfamiliar with the airport but I must have looked like an old hand to ground control.  No problem weaving around the obstacles to get to 15R even with what looked like a fork in Bravo taxiway.  The program is a great safety improvement because there was no question where I was when I started coming up to the area where Bravo intersected 25.
Keep up the good work.  Aviation Safety always seems to be first with the features that make flying safer and easier".
-Bill Edwards
Lancair 441JH    

  “ I encourage anyone seeking a manifold increase in their level of situational awareness to check out this marvelous and cost-effective technology.”  
“Because we were not pressurized, we wanted to fly as low as possible, consistent with terrain avoidance.  It was a simple matter of establishing the cruise altitude, and then monitoring the terrain depicted on the Flight Cheetah for any terrain elevations that would become an issue.  The accuracy of the underlying terrain display was nothing less than spectacular.” 
“This was yet another instance where the Flight Cheetah proved invaluable, as we continuously monitored the Napa weather to see if the ground fog would lift in time for our planned arrival, forecast weather notwithstanding.”
"Years ago when I was a line pilot for Amoco Corp., the flight department spent thousands of dollars (over six figures) for data-link capabilities, installing equipment that cannot do 10% what the Flight Cheetah does today.”
 - Gary L. Evans

"I just used my Flight Cheetah for the first time just after a front rolled through, and absolutely loved it! The weather data is fabulous, and the amount of nav/terrain/towers/etc. information available is a huge help. My brand new Garmin GNS480 went down on the trip (antenna problem), so the FL270 was the only GPS aboard. It was wonderful to have that backup. Otherwise, I'd have been back to VOR's again, like it was when I learned 25 years ago! I highly recommend the Flight Cheetah for anyone serious about flying. The redundancy alone is worth the price; especially the artificial horizon option, which is a much less expensive alternative than a panel mount. My radio shop was really jealous".           

- Mike Lewis

  That's great; the Landsat is the big one I have been hoping for since I saw a preview of it on your website.  

Thank you and all your team at Aviation Safety for all the hard work you do for us. I can not tell you how much more fun and safe my flying is because of y�all. And have a Very Merry Christmas.

-John Peterson

  What a wonderful little machine you all sent me!!! Been messing with it every waking moment!!!!
I was trying to login on the support page but it wont let me. any ideas?
Thank you

-Brian Stout
  Just got back from a trip to Santa Fe with the fl190 – liking True Flight more and more each time I fly with it. I tried to take a few pics of the 190 and mount while flying but they are too blurry – will have to go out to the hangar and take some real ones and will send those to you so you can see the mount I came up with – will work great for any pilot but will probably be the only thing that will work for bonanzas, comanches, and older Cherokees with the bow tie yokes.

-Todd Underwood

Well I've been out on about three or four fairly long flights and the Cheetah has been working flawlessly. I can't tell you what an incredible difference having that box up and running in the aircraft makes to flying. I've made at least three serious IFR approaches with it backing up the primary IFR equipment on board. Its hard not to just use the "cheetah" to fly the approach. Its just so visually appealing to "only" use the cheetah to fly the approach.


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