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  Traffic Alert      
Next Generation Traffic Alert with Direction...  

The XRX is the world's first and only stand-alone portable avionics device to sense aircraft direction from within the cockpit. The key technological breakthrough with this traffic alert is the world's first portable antenna capable of detecting direction as well as distance and relative altitude. This affordable technology will bring fully capable traffic alert information within the reach of virtually all general aviation for the first time.

Because it detects other aircraft being interrogated either by ground radar or from other TCAS aircraft coverage is excellent, particularly for aircraft that are flying low close to uncontrolled airports.
  traffic alert  
What does True Flight add to the XRX that makes it even more powerful?  

A higher resolution of direction is just one way that True Flight makes the XRX even more powerful. We take the 4 quadrant display of aircraft traffic and increase it to a higher resolution of eight quadrants. True Flight also displays traffic in easy to read color coded arcs with trend and tracking information, so at a glance you can quickly see which traffic is a factor and which is not.

xrx traffic alert

zaon traffic alert  
Capabilities in red are exclusive to the True Flight interface  
  • Displays distance out to 6 miles.

  • Displays relative altitude up to + -2,500 feet.

  • Provides Audio Alerts

  • Provides altitude trend information of traffic.

  • Displays traffic direction in higher resolution segments.

  • Has alert mode that will automatically pop up a small traffic window on the main screen when there is an aircraft within and 600 feet and 6 miles.

  aircraft traffic alert