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  Most Fuel Efficient Flight Level Search  
  Cut Your Fuel Consumption on Every Flight!     Annual Service  $59.95    
  fastest flight level search  
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  Most Fuel Efficient Flight Level Search has the ability to take the most advanced winds aloft data available today and automatically computes your fastest as well as most fuel efficient flight level in real time based on the performance figures of your actual aircraft.      
  With Most Fuel Efficient Flight Level Search you can.    
  1. Minimize your fuel burn based on real time winds conditions and your aircraft performance.
  2. Have to ability to compare your fastest as well as most fuel efficient flight level options.
  3. Arrive with more fuel reserves at your destination.
  4. Reduce your annual tac time.
  What does it do?      
  What this service does is it takes the most accurate winds aloft data available and based on the performance of your aircraft and combine it with the the different wind speeds and directions over all flight levels of your route. Next we break this down so you can compare all the flight levels for fuel efficiency and fastest time enroute.    
  I can already get winds aloft information, what is so special about this winds aloft data?    
  This winds aloft data uses the Rapid Update Cycle data, not to be confused with the twice a day winds aloft information you get for your pre flight weather briefing. The Rapid Update Cycle is updated every hour, and incorporates information such as the direction and velocity of winds collected from NexRad stations.    
    Instructional Video    
  What's required for this service?      
  This service is free if you currently subscribe to True Flight's Plan 2 service. If you are not currently a customer all you need to do to activate your annual service is go to    
  and select the Most Fuel Efficient Flight Level Search option. Next download the software on your PC and view the instructional video .