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Unparalleled Accuracy

All of our systems come equipped with WAAS enabled GPS, which represents the next generation of GPS technology, with an accuracy of within 3 meters. With this new level of precision, the Flight Cheetah will allow you to seamlessly overlay & synchronize any combination of navigational related data from our extensive database, quickly, easily & accurately.

You can customize multiple layers of navigational information allowing you to scroll through these different layers quickly. Whether you are viewing navigational information, airspace, airports, weather layers, the Flight Cheetah provides you with a color-coded, easy-to-read graphical interface that quickly displays critical information, with minimum heads down time and increasing your situational awareness.

  true flight flight cheetah
Customize your background maps.
true flight flight cheetah  

With enhanced mapping, you can view a highly detailed background terrain contour, terrain alert map or both. In addition you can quickly view your current position on a the IFR low, High Altitude, Sectional, VFR Terminal charts. You can also view the terrain in its standard 2-D or in 3-D,  as well as view satellite imagery maps. 

True Flight subscription details.

  Database Features Include.
  • US class  B, C & D Airports  
  • High & Low Altitude Airways
  • Tower Obstructions
  • Prohibited
  • Alert and MOA Airspace
  • VOR's
  • NDB's
  • Intersections
  • Outer & Middle Markers
  • Highways
  • Secondary Roads
  • Coastlines
  • State Borders
  • Parachute Jumping Areas